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Open source private distributed social network application with focus on security, control and local store of social information.


The general purpose of the application is to replace all the centralized social networks & messengers and allow the users to never store their information ini just one place. aSocial was born from the idea of complete control over social information, liberated from spam/ad, simplify connection between people and fight censorship. Storing the information on the user's devices, using strong cryptography with an ability of plausible deniability, integration the Bitcoin network will allow us to solve the issues we see everyday in the huge centralized social providers.


The project was started as typical social 12/28/2013 and mutated to distributed and found itself 10/17/2014. The POC was focused on UI, but some basic components were also prepared. Stopped due to breaking Qt changes, not ready Lightning network (second layer of Bitcoin for microtransactions) & and overall project complexity was stopped 03/30/2016.

The lessons have been learned and rerun the aSocial development was started with SDD and searching for people who can understand & help with thinking and development.


WARNING: By using this software you agree not to limit forcefully the other's freedom of ditributing any kind of information even if you don't like it's nature. In case you can't comply - please remove aSocial from your device as fast as possible.

Please check out the wiki page: Wiki




The application itself is native divided into 2 parts - background backend and UI frontend. Backend working with a simple key-value database, frontend working with encrypted sql database to process profiles data.

Core features

Basic features of the social platform:

  • Plugins - add or remove components or use the other vendor component as a plugin
  • History - store not just dates of item, but also any edit of the items
  • Persons - personal & legal entities, existing (with profiles) or imaginary
  • Events - anything happened, happening, going to happen in the life
  • Messages - monetized conversation threads or any other interaction like profile updates, news
  • Overlays - your vision or additional information for existing or new entities, could be password protected
  • Synchronization - make sure your devices replicates the information / profiles you have
  • Sharing - ability to share your files with friends from any device you have

Additional features

Based on core features aSocial support the embedded and external additional features:

  • Tree of life - usual thing, your relatives and relations
  • Testament - special message, will be triggered to send on some condition
  • Contracts - special message, signed by 2 parties, could have penalties, money and end dates
  • Web-version - access to web interface from web browser


You can see all the feature requests/bugs on the github page:


This is an experimental project - the main goal is to test State Of The Art philosophy on practice.

We would like to see a number of independent developers working on the same project issues for the real money (attached to the ticket) or just for fun. So let's see how this will work.


Repository and it's content is covered by GPL v3.0, so make sure you provide the sources.

If you will have some time - it will be great to see your changes merged to the original repository - but it's your choice, no pressure.


Build in docker

  1. Clone the repository:
    $ git clone && mkdir -p out


Privacy policy

The whole purpose of this project - is to make sure your personal information will be controlled by you, there is no way the aSocial (except for external plugins, please see their privacy policy) will share your information without your permission with someone. But please be careful - once shared information will stay on the Internet forever, so think twice about what you are doing.


Private distributed social network and messenger application







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