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Implementation of the Nitro State Channels Framework in Golang and Solidity.

go-nitro is an implementation of a node in a nitro state channel network. It is software that:

  • manages a secret "channel" key
  • crafts blockchain transactions (to allow the user to join and exit the network)
  • crafts, signs, and sends state channel updates to counterparties in the network
  • listens to blockchain events
  • listens for counterparty messages
  • stores important data to allow for recovery from counterparty inactivity / malice
  • understands how to perform these functions safely, without risking any funds


⚠️ Go-nitro is pre-production software ⚠️

Go-nitro can be consumed either as library code or run as an independent process and interfaced with remote procedure calls (recommended).


Please see


Architectural decision records may be viewed here.


Pre-requisite: generate a TLS certificate

Run the tests from repo root:

go test ./... -count=2 -shuffle=on -timeout 1m -v -failfast

On-chain code

The on-chain component of Nitro (i.e. the solidity contracts) are housed in the nitro-protocol directory. This directory contains an yarn workspace with a hardhat / typechain / jest toolchain.


Dual-licensed under MIT + Apache 2.0