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pragma solidity ^0.6.0;
pragma experimental ABIEncoderV2;
import '../interfaces/ForceMoveApp.sol';
import '../Outcome.sol';
* @dev The SingleAssetPayments contract complies with the ForceMoveApp interface and implements a simple payment channel with a single asset type only.
contract SingleAssetPayments is ForceMoveApp {
* @notice Encodes the payment channel update rules.
* @dev Encodes the payment channel update rules.
* @param a State being transitioned from.
* @param b State being transitioned to.
* @param turnNumB Turn number being transitioned to.
* @param nParticipants Number of participants in this state channel.
* @return true if the transition conforms to the rules, false otherwise.
function validTransition(
VariablePart memory a,
VariablePart memory b,
uint256 turnNumB,
uint256 nParticipants
) public pure override returns (bool) {
Outcome.OutcomeItem[] memory outcomeA = abi.decode(a.outcome, (Outcome.OutcomeItem[]));
Outcome.OutcomeItem[] memory outcomeB = abi.decode(b.outcome, (Outcome.OutcomeItem[]));
// Throws if more than one asset
require(outcomeA.length == 1, 'SingleAssetPayments: outcomeA: Only one asset allowed');
require(outcomeB.length == 1, 'SingleAssetPayments: outcomeB: Only one asset allowed');
// Throws unless the assetoutcome is an allocation
Outcome.AssetOutcome memory assetOutcomeA = abi.decode(outcomeA[0].assetOutcomeBytes, (Outcome.AssetOutcome));
Outcome.AssetOutcome memory assetOutcomeB = abi.decode(outcomeB[0].assetOutcomeBytes, (Outcome.AssetOutcome));
require(assetOutcomeA.assetOutcomeType == uint8(Outcome.AssetOutcomeType.Allocation),'SingleAssetPayments: outcomeA: AssetOutcomeType must be Allocation');
require(assetOutcomeB.assetOutcomeType == uint8(Outcome.AssetOutcomeType.Allocation),'SingleAssetPayments: outcomeB: AssetOutcomeType must be Allocation');
// Throws unless that allocation has exactly n outcomes
Outcome.AllocationItem[] memory allocationA = abi.decode(
Outcome.AllocationItem[] memory allocationB = abi.decode(
require(allocationA.length == nParticipants,'SingleAssetPayments: outcomeA: Allocation length must equal number of participants');
require(allocationB.length == nParticipants,'SingleAssetPayments: outcomeB: Allocation length must equal number of participants');
// Interprets the nth outcome as benefiting participant n
// checks the destinations have not changed
// Checks that the sum of assets hasn't changed
// And that for all non-movers
// the balance hasn't decreased
uint256 allocationSumA;
uint256 allocationSumB;
for (uint256 i=0; i<nParticipants; i++) {
require(allocationB[i].destination == allocationA[i].destination,'SingleAssetPayments: Destinations may not change');
allocationSumA += allocationA[i].amount;
allocationSumB += allocationB[i].amount;
if (i != turnNumB % nParticipants) {
require(allocationB[i].amount >= allocationA[i].amount,'SingleAssetPayments: Nonmovers cannot have their balance decreased');
require(allocationSumA == allocationSumB,'SingleAssetPayments: Total amount allocated cannot change');
return true;