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Editions and Search Improvements

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@krusynth krusynth released this 12 May 20:24
· 258 commits to master since this release
  • Added support for multiple editions of a code in one database, to store revisions of the code over time.
  • Created a generic search wrapper, fixed several search-related bugs.
  • Moved to using Solarium to interface with Solr, eliminating the need for XSLT to transfer State Decoded XML to Solr XML.
  • Made Solr optional, because getting it installed and running was too great an obstacle for many people. Users can now choose to use a more basic search system, built in MySQL.
  • Versioned the database with migrations, which are stored in includes/migrations.
  • Included a new command line tool, statedecoded. It manages database migrations, and allows importing data from the command line. It is extensible—new tasks can be added in includes/task/.
  • Made various bug fixes and design tweaks.
  • This will certainly break most installations. Review carefully the changes to,, and the usage of the statedecoded tool.