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WordPress theme for StateImpact sites

Our WordPress blogs all run on the same theme: StateWatch. This theme was adapted from the Argo Foundation (it began as a child theme and still contains many argo_-prefixed functions) and is built around many of the lessons learned in Project Argo.

Below is an outline of the theme's codebase. Top-level files control parts of the theme's presentation (loop.php and 404.php) or are page templates (about.php). These files are documented extensively on the WordPress Codex.

Theme functionality is defined in functions.php and imported files. Specific pieces of functionality are grouped in files or directories under includes. Functionality should be extracted into plugins wherever possible. Where functionality can't be extracted or is intrinsic to the theme, we've tried to structure the code like a plugin. See includes/topics as an example.


  • css
  • js
  • includes/

    • ads.php
    • audio (not used)
    • settings/ (various theme-related settings)

      • argo.php
      • statewatch.php
    • topics/ (StateImpact topic buildouts)

      • css
      • js
      • topics.php
      • walker.php
    • admin.php (sticky custom post types, plus any other editor mods)

    • collection-background.php
    • collection-featured.php
    • collection-header.php
    • collection-links.php
    • collection-multimedia.php
    • editor.php (editor mods)
    • featured-posts.php (featured posts menu and sidebar widget)
    • feedburner.php (feedburner email widget)
    • media.php (image sizes and media handling)
    • multimedia.php (custom post types linking to external content)
    • nav.php (navigation mods)
    • sidebars.php (define dynamic sidebars)
    • static-pages.php (get and create required static pages, like About)
    • stations.php (station and partner post types)
    • sw-widgets.php (sidebar widgets)
    • taxonomy.php (custom taxonomies)
    • template.php (template modifications, including wide posts)
    • topic_loop.php
    • users.php (staff management)
  • 404.php
  • about.php
  • archive.php
  • category.php
  • comments.php
  • editor-style.css
  • featured-topics.php
  • footer.php
  • functions.php
  • header.php
  • index.php
  • loop.php
  • page.php
  • post-meta.php
  • search.php
  • searchform.php
  • sidebar-about.php
  • sidebar-category.php
  • sidebar-post.php
  • sidebar-topic.php
  • sidebar.php
  • single-full-width.php
  • single-topic.php
  • single.php
  • style.css
  • tag.php
  • taxonomy.php
  • topic-index.php
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