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This is a tool for creating interactive LocusZoom.js GWAS plots via the web browser, without uploading sensitive data to a remote web server. It works with Tabix-indexed data files in a variety of formats, and supports adding companion tracks (such as BED files).

Try it for yourself at

Getting help

User and technical help is available via the LocusZoom mailing list. Please specify that you are asking about "LocalZoom".

Developer instructions

Project setup

This project uses npm for dependency management. Typically, the build commands work with all actively supported NodeJS LTS releases.

npm install

Compiles and hot-reloads for development

npm run serve

Building for production

The production build is a minified, concatenated bundle suitable for distribution on a server.

In order to use the Sentry error logging and Google Analytics features, you will need to create a file named .env.production.local (ignored by git) with the following contents (both values are optional if you don't want to use these features):


Then build the assets to the dist/ folder.

npm run build

If you are distributing this to our official GitHub pages location, there is a helper command that will update (and push) the gh-pages branch:

npm run deploy

When ready, verify the built app and push to production.

Lint and fixes files

This project uses a style and syntax checker for code quality. The following command can help to identify (and automatically fix) common issues.

npm run lint

Run unit tests

npm run test:unit