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LocusZoom Standalone

This repository is for the command line (standalone) version of LocusZoom, an application for creating regional plots from genome-wide association studies built in Python and R.

Documentation for this program is available on our wiki:


This version of LocusZoom is no longer under active development. Bug fixes and small updates may be made, though it is unlikely.

A new web-based interactive version of LocusZoom is currently under active development. Please see the locuszoom.js github site for information on using it on your own sites, or see a preview of it in action at


Build Version Date Size
Program + database + LD files 1.4 2017-05-01 23G
Program + database 1.4 2017-05-01 16G
Program only 1.4 2017-05-01 86K
Program + database + LD files 1.3 2014-06-20 10G
Program + database 1.3 2014-06-20 4.3G
Program only 1.3 2014-06-20 79K

Database contains required data for LocusZoom to function, though you can skip it if you are already creating your own.

LD files are entirely optional - you can calculate LD instead from your own genotype files (--ld-vcf), or not at all (--no-ld).

A full list of changes for each version can be found in the changelog.


Contact/support options: