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New Relic stats from Hubot
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New Relic stats from hubot

newrelic servers


npm install --save hubot-newrelic2
  • Add "hubot-newrelic2" into your hubot project's external-scripts.json
  • Add "hubot-newrelic2": "^0.2.0" (or other version) into your package.json
  • Set HUBOT_NEWRELIC_API_KEY to your New Relic API key
  • Set HUBOT_NEWRELIC_API_HOST to (usually)


Note: You can replace 'newrelic' with 'nr' in all these commands.

  • List all commands
hubot newrelic help

Application Related Commands

  • List all applications
hubot newrelic apps
  • Filtered list of applications
hubot newrelic apps name <filter_string>
  • List of single application's instances
hubot newrelic apps instances <app_id>
  • List of single application's hosts
hubot newrelic apps hosts <app_id>
  • List all deployments for an application
hubot newrelic deployments <app_id>

Key Transaction Related Commands

  • List of all key transactions
hubot newrelic ktrans
  • Returns a single key transaction
hubot newrelic ktrans id <ktrans_id>

Server Related Commands

  • List all servers
hubot newrelic servers
  • Filtered list of servers
hubot newrelic servers name <filter_string>

User Related Commands

  • List all account users
hubot newrelic users
  • Filtered list of account users
hubot newrelic user email <filter_string>
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