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StaticDeploy is an open-source platform for deploying and configuring static web applications and websites. We can think about it as a Kubernetes for static content.

StaticDeploy was created with two objectives in mind:

  • make it easy to configure a static app at runtime, as opposed to injecting the configuration into its static build

  • make it easy to deploy multiple "versions" of a static app, specifically a version for each branch / pull request, so that frontend developers can show their work-in-progress and get early feedback from their clients

For more information on StaticDeploy visit


This is the StaticDeploy monorepo, which includes several different projects:

  • core: module implementing StaticDeploy's core business logic (entities, usecases, and gateway interfaces)
  • pg-s3-storages: gateway for storage resources backed by S3 and [PostgreSQL]
  • memory-storages: in-memory gateway for storage resources
  • storages-test-suite: test suite for storages
  • tar-archiver: implementation of the core IArchiver interface using tar
  • jwt-authentication-strategy: authentication strategy for authenticating requests with JWT tokens
  • oidc-authentication-strategy: authentication strategy for authenticating requests with OpenID Connect tokens
  • http-adapters: adapters that implement an http API for StaticDeploy's core usecases
  • serve-static: express middleware for serving files in a local directory
  • staticdeploy: main service pulling together the other modules and implementing the StaticDeploy platform
  • sdk: browser and nodejs SDK for StaticDeploy's API
  • cli: CLI tool to deploy static apps
  • management-console: web GUI for the API
  • website: landing page and documentation, deployed with StaticDeploy on



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