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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Name :
# Purpose : Generates a nice little anti-China rules list that can be used with cafejunkie's
# a die function as always
die() {
printf '%s\n' "$@" >&2
exit 1
# Get CIDR file with Chinese subnets
wget -O chinacidr.txt || die 'failed to download cidr file, please try again later.'
# Check if there is an existing access.list file
if [[ -f ./access.list ]]; then
mv ./access.list access.list.bak
printf '%s\n' "access.list file doesn't exist, continuing."
# sed operations
sed -e '1,4d;s/China//;s/^/INPUT -s /;s/^\(.*\) .*/\1/;s/$/-p tcp -j DROP/' ./chinacidr.txt > access.list
# add some rules for psad, you may omit this if you don't need it
#printf '%s\n' 'INPUT -j LOG' >> access.list
#printf '%s\n' 'FORWARD -j LOG' >> access.list