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* added playwright test and github actions

* added install sirv to github action

* added readme file and reverted start script

* changed start script and github links

* Update

* removed links from package.json and commented out stuff from playwright config

* updated with recommendations

* changed pull_request to pull_request_target

* change github action to run on pull_request

* updated github action to run on all branches

* updated comments and job name in github action

* Delete tests directory

* remove playwright tests and workflows

* remove mention of playwright from gitignore file

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August 6, 2021 16:20
June 29, 2022 21:25

Vanilla JavaScript App

Azure Static Web Apps allows you to easily build JavaScript apps in minutes. Use this repo with the quickstart to build and customize a new static site.

This repo is used as a starter for a very basic HTML web application using no front-end frameworks.

This repo has a dev container. This means if you open it inside a GitHub Codespace, or using VS Code with the remote containers extension, it will be opened inside a container with all the dependencies already installed.