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Craft CMS scaffolding package, for internal projects by
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Craft CMS starter package by

This a scaffolding package for Craft CMS, by We use this internally to start new projects.

Assumptions made

We assume a couple of things

  • We use Mandrill for email delivery.
  • We use statikbe/webpack for our frontend build.
  • We don't use Craft's projectConfig, it is only enabled here so we can store settings in it for the scaffolding repo.


Use the following command to set up a new project:

composer create-project statikbe/craft PATH

Then install Craft:

./craft setup

Then run the Statik specific setup:

./craft statik/setup

This will give you the following options/ask you the following questions:

  • Do you want to set the system name for the site you're setting up?
  • Do you want to set the project code for the site you're setting up (we label projects by 6 letter code internally)?
  • Do you want to disable projectConfig? (default: yes)
  • Do you want to use Mandrill for email transport? (default: yes, will prompt you to entry an API key)
  • Do you want to use statikbe/webpack for your frontend build? (default: yes, will prompt you to run yarn install)
  • Do you want to add placeholder images? (default yes, will copy these images to public/files/test and run ./craft index-assets/all to add them to Craft's assets.)
  • Do you want to add dummy content? (default: yes, uses studioespresso/seeder to add dummy entries to all channels)
  • Do you want to initialize a git repository in the new project? (default: yes)
    • Do you want to add a remote?
    • Do you want to initiliaze git-flow? (default: yes)


To work on this repo you can clone it like you would a regular project:

git clone craft

To make sure the changes you make in the CMS can be commited, you'll have to add PROJECT_CONFIG="1" to your .env file.

Features & support

We'd love the hear your suggestions and review your pull requests, but keep in mind that is repo is for internal projects first.

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