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Statiks is a mobile application for iPhone propulsed thanks to react-native allowing you to connect several social networks and retrieve your details stats. You can reload your networks and consult for each network how many followers you gained (or lost) through dynamic graph.

I keep improving, fixing, adding new networks and more stats. Feel free to contribute.

Download on the App Store


If you think about a new feature, or just fix some issues, feel free to fork this project. There are only few things to set up.


  • You need first to fork the project.
  • Now, make a clone of this fork on your computer.
  • git clone[your_github_username]/statiks-react-native.git


Statiks run with react-native npm dependencies.

  • yarn
  • yarn start


  • Follow the react-native docs to set up the dev environnement
  • Go to cd statiks-react-native
  • Open ios/statiks.xcodeproj and hit run in Xcode.
  • Hit ⌘-R in your iOS simulator to reload the app and see your change!
  • ⌘-ctrl-D on the iOS simulator let you access to the dev menu where you can enable livereload and debugging in Chrome.
  • Voilà! \°-°/

Pull request

  • You are now ready to edit the code and pull request !