The validation methods for statistical shape models used at the shape 2014 grand challenge.
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The validation methods for statistical shape models used at the Shape 2014 Grand Challenge in Statistical Shape Modeling.

Requirements and Build

To build the validation code, you will need

Building is done using CMake. See the CMake documentation for instructions on how to build a project using CMake.


We hope that this validation code will evolve into a valuable validation tool for comparing shape models, even after the Shape 2014 Grand Challenge. This can only be achieved as a joint effort and we welcome any feedback and contributions from the community.

If you see possibilities for improvements or spot a bug, please send us a pull request or contact us directly.


As we are likely to discover bugs and improve this validation code during the preparation for the shape challenge, this code will slightly change during the next weeks. Thus the code that you download today might not be exactly the same as the one we will be using for the validation of the challenge results. Please regularly check for updates to make sure that you use the most up-to-date version.