An index and showcase of Tripal modules I manage or contribute to
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Hello! This is the code repository for the Tripal modules showcase site! This site showcases Tripal modules developed by the Staton laboratory and in use at Hardwood Genomics. Our hope is that you'll consider trying out our modules and collaborating with us!

Setting up your own site

You can use this repo as a template for your own show case site!

  • Clone the repository
  • Post modules in the _posts folder. See below for format.
  • Change variables in _config.yml. In particular set the URL and base URL to your github pages location.
  • install jekyll.
  • run jekyll serve to test your site.
  • build with jekyll build, and push to your repository.
  • Configure github pages for your repo. This site builds to _site/ (which is ignored in .gitignor), and Github automatically builds on commit.

post format

The below file is an example post.

layout: post
title:  "TripalDock"
img: docker_logo.png

* Wraps a Docker container running Tripal.  
* Ideal for getting new developers up and running quickly.