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An electron app to print your jira issues for your scrum board


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Do not use this project

  • 🌍 Printing Jira tickets to have a real life board is a bad idea. You shouldn't waste resources to duplicate something which already works well on a screen, the Earth don't need that.
  • ☠️ This project is untested, unmaintained, undocumented and was written a long time ago by someone who didn't know how to write Javascript, chances are that the app is at best bugged at worst pretty dangerous (I don't remember about it but this readme says in the TODO section Don't save password in plain text that should be enough to make you not use this app)
  • ✨ I keep this code on Github only to remember what I have done in my dev journey, don't reuse this code.


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Print your Jira issues for your Agile Scrum board!

This application gets a list of issues from a Jira issue tracker and prints them in a formatted PDF file. This way you can then print your issues and use them on your real life Agile Scrum board.

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes. See deployment for notes on how to deploy the project on a live system.


This is an electron app so all you need is to have npm installed on your machine.


To get started clone this repo on your machine

git clone

Then install the dependencies with

npm install

You can then start the application with

npm start

Running the application

The first time you start the application you will have to setup the login information to be able to make request to your Jira instance API.

Note that the OAuth protocol is not supported yet. All requests are authenticated via Basic Auth HTTP headers. Support of https and OAuth are in the roadmap.

You can then input the Jira keys of the issues you want to print. Once you input all the issues you want to print you can use the "Download issues" and "Print issues" buttons.


You can generate an application with

grunt build

The build parameters are in Gruntfile.js there you can define for which platform you want to build your application.

Built With

  • Electron - To make the application cross platform
  • GruntJS - To run tasks as building the application
  • AngularJS- As the MVC framework
  • Bootstrap - As the front end library
  • angular-electron - A javascript library to wrap Electron object as Angular services
  • node-html-pdf - A node module to generate PDF files from HTML


The app is a work in progress here is some things which may be done in the future. For a complete list of things to be done you can have a look at the issue page.

  • Write proper tests
  • Don't save password in plain text (maybe use keytar)
  • Handle https protocol
  • Custom CSS to customize the printed issues format
  • Support OAuth protocol to reach Jira


Please fork and submit a Pull Request!

Code quality

We have a CodeFactor watching this repo here

We also have Travis which should be usefull when we write tests in the future here


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


An electron app to print your jira issues for your scrum board







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