Visualisation of large images with multiple sub-areas of interest
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Visualisation of large images with multiple sub-areas of interest.

Work is published at

Adams Illustrated Panorama of History, 1878

Working with this requires a tile package, which is currently not part of this repository as there are too many files. It can be generated by downloading one of the single-image versions of the piece from about Adams and running the tool vips in the anskuelse/adams_history-folder with

vips dzsave 18068_Adams_Illustrated_Panorama_of_History_1878_* 18068

This should generate the folder 18068_files and the file 18068.dzi. Open anskuelse/adams_history/index.html in a browser to see the result.


  • Automatic zooming and panning when the user is inactive
  • Annotation-display using overlays. Currently a proof of concept can be seen at the globe in the lower left corner on the dmeo page
  • Annotation-additions using an edit-mode or similar
  • Royal Danish Library