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# Homework 0: Sports and Statistics
### Step 1:
Download [R]( and [RStudio]( Next, print and refer to this
[RMarkdown cheatsheet](
### Step 2:
Create a new Markdown file by going to -- `File` -- `New file` -- `RMarkdown` and selecting `HTML`.
### Step 3:
Save the file as `Homework 0,` and make sure to enter your name where it says `Author.`
### Step 4:
Answer the following questions. At the end of your assignment, click `Knit HTML` at the top of RStudio, and print the resulting document. *Note*: I do not want a printed homework assignment with your handwriting on it!!!
### Q1: What math or stats classes have you taken while at college? What experience do you have using R or RStudio?
Answer here:
### Q2: What sports do you or have you participated in, and what ones do you watch frequently?
Answer here:
There are some excellent Markdown resources. In addition to the
[RMarkdown cheatsheet](, check out the work of Professor [Jenny Bryan](, which includes [tips for first-time R users](, [basic data manipulation steps](, and [different R objects](
### Q3: Using the information above, write five things about the R software that you did not know beforehand.
Answer here:
Now that you are done with your first assignment, be sure to `Knit HTML`!