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title: "HW 1"
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```{r knitr_options , include=FALSE}
#Here's some preamble, which makes ensures your figures aren't too big
knitr::opts_chunk$set(fig.width=6, fig.height=3.6, warning=FALSE,
For this lab, we will be using the `mlb11` data set, as per Lab 1. Please submit a completed HTML file, due at the beginning of class.
## Question 1
Write code to upload the `mlb11` data set into `R`, and print the first 6 rows of the data set.
#Your code goes here
## Question 2
What element of the `mlb11` data set corresponds to the 10th row and 6th column? What team and variable is referred to in this cell?
## Question 3
Describe the distribution of at-bats (`at_bats`) by considering its center, shape, and spread. Back up your claims by identifying the mean, median, standard deviation and interquartile range of this variable.
## Question 4
A coach is curious if stealing more bases is linked with more home runs. Make and describe a scatter plot of team home runs versus stolen bases. Then, add a title to your plot.
## Question 5.
Create a new variable, `AboveAveWins`, representing whether or not the team won more than half of its games (there are 162 games in a season). How many teams won 82 games or more?
## Question 6.
You can create separate scatter plots within groups using the code below.
xyplot(homeruns ~ stolen_bases | AboveAveWins, data = mlb11)
Does the association between home runs and stolen bases differ within the groups of `AboveAveWins`?
## Question 7.
Make both a histogram and a boxplot of `hits`. What features are apparent in the histogram that aren't apparent in the boxplot? What features are apparent in the boxplot that aren't apparent in the histogram?