Code for getting and exploring the photogrammar data
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Code for getting and exploring the photogrammar data.

For example, we download a list of all the photo ids (these uniquely define the urls for scraping the rest of the data, by running the following code:

python src/

This creates a file pickle/all_urls.p, a python pickle file. Now we can run the code to download MARC records from the Library of Congress website for all photo ids in the all_urls.p file. This is done by:

python src/

When finished, there should be files in the marc_records directory, such as 'marc_recordsfsa1997000988.csv'. Now, to finish the first stage of the scrape, we download the image urls using a similar syntax:

python src/

Which will create text files in the directory 'img_url' such as 'img_url/fsa1997000987.txt' which contain the urls of the photo images.