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Code maintenance script modified from PyMC
#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
import os
# This is a function, not a test case, because it has to be run from inside
# the source tree to work well.
mod_strs = ['IPython', 'pylab', 'matplotlib', 'scipy','Pdb']
dep_files = {}
for mod_str in mod_strs:
dep_files[mod_str] = []
def remove_whitespace(fname):
# Remove trailing whitespace
fd = open(fname,mode='U') # open in universal newline mode
lines = []
for line in fd.readlines():
lines.append( line.rstrip() )
fd = open(fname,mode='w')
for line in lines:
# print 'Removed whitespace from %s'%fname
def find_whitespace(fname):
fd = open(fname, mode='U')
for line in fd.readlines():
#print repr(line)
if ' \n' in line:
print fname
# print
print_only = True
# ====================
# = Strip whitespace =
# ====================
for dirname, dirs, files in os.walk('.'):
if dirname[1:].find('.')==-1:
# print dirname
for fname in files:
if fname[-2:] in ['c', 'f'] or fname[-3:]=='.py' or fname[-4:] in ['.pyx', '.txt', '.tex', '.sty', '.cls'] or fname.find('.')==-1:
# print fname
if print_only:
find_whitespace(dirname + '/' + fname)
remove_whitespace(dirname + '/' + fname)
# ==========================
# = Check for dependencies =
# ==========================
for dirname, dirs, files in os.walk('pymc'):
for fname in files:
if fname[-3:]=='.py' or fname[-4:]=='.pyx':
if dirname.find('sandbox')==-1 and fname != ''\
and dirname.find('examples')==-1:
for mod_str in mod_strs:
if file(dirname+'/'+fname).read().find(mod_str)>=0:
print 'Instances of optional dependencies found are:'
for mod_str in mod_strs:
print '\t'+mod_str+':'
for fname in dep_files[mod_str]:
print '\t\t'+fname
if len(dep_files['Pdb'])>0:
raise ValueError, 'Looks like Pdb was not commented out in '+', '.join(dep_files[mod_str])
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