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It appears that maybe there's a change in versioning going on in recent builds of pandas:

>>> import pandas.version
>>> pandas.version.version
>>> pandas.version.short_version

This is causing to fail.


Thanks for reporting

What does pandas.version show with 0.12 ?

needs to be fixed for 0.5.1, and maybe made more robust.


Pandas does this:

from pandas.version import version as __version__


Which means that pandas.__version__ also gives ''

I actually rooted around for a while trying to find pandas.version in that repository, and couldn't find it! pandas.version.__file__ in my locally installed version says it should be right there in /pandas, but it's not in github. Am I missing something obvious?


How did you install pandas?
As far as I know (need to check), the version file is created automatically when creating a distribution file or when installing from a git checkout.
It's not in the repository. (same for statsmodels)

If pandas didn't write the correct version, then it's either a problem in pandas, or in the way you installed it.

The zip file of pandas 0.12 on pypi has with version = '0.12.0'.
So this should be fine.


Yes, now I see how it's done in pandas' it looks likely this is something that was an idiosyncracy of my particular build and/or system.

Looks like they've been doing some work over there ( so maybe this was an issue with my build that's since been resolved.

I updated to the latest build and now get

>>> pd.__version__

which works fine with the pversion regex in statsmodels'

Sorry for the false alarm!

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