Fitting GLM with a pre-assigned starting parameter #1602

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I am using generalized linear model in statsmodels to fit biological data, which follows the Gamma distribution.

My question is can we make glm to allow a pre-assigned starting coefficient?
I know the starting point is calculated by "family.starting_mu()": (y+y.mean())/2,
Could it be useful to have a small change at line 386 in
like this:

if starting_coefficient is Null:
mu =
mu =, starting_coefficient)

I saw the similar question raised before:
#443 (comment)
But I didn't get the point.

The reason for having this, is sometimes we do glm in a loop, the starting coefficient for the current iteration is taking from the previous fitting, namely res_previous.params.
This renders more power to GLM.

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Closing as a duplicate of #443. We don't yet take start_params for GLM, but it should be pretty simple to fix. Feel free to submit a PR, or maybe I can have a look at it since it really shouldn't be much work.

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