Some directories under statsmodels dont have #1779

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This is 0.5.0

There are several directories under package statmodels:


that don't have a file. So they aren't subpackages.

When python3 build runs 2to3, those directories are not converted, but they are installed, so you end up with a mixture of python2 and python3 code installed.

The solution is either:

  • add a file to those directories so that the code in them is properly converted to python3 OR
  • move those directories out of the package and into the examples directory


I thought some of the example directories were not installed.
I like them inside the source, but we don't really want to have them "very public".

However, statsmodels master has now a common py2 py3 code base, so also any example folders will/should work on python 3 without problems (and without conversion)

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If you plan to do a 0.5.1 release, consider moving the directories outside statsmodels or add a to them


@sergiopasra You can delete those 3 directories for a distribution, then you don't get the python 3 syntax errors with 0.5.0.

(statsmodels is still under development, and until now I refused or didn't have time to make it into a "clean" package.)


If we do a 0.5.1, then the sdist and binary distribution will not contain the examples folder by explicitly excluding them from and

@josef-pkt josef-pkt added this to the 0.5.1 milestone Jun 22, 2014

What I actually do is to move them under examples and ship that directory as documentation. But if you prefer not to distribute them, then yes, exclude them in


I agree that these should be moved outside of statsmodels and still advocate for the sandbox going away.

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python 3 is not a problem anymore, and I still like those examples.

I just found a nice collection of boxplot examples that I didn't know or remember that it existed.
cleaning out the sandbox will also take another year or two.

I might want to reactivate the sandbox for it's initial purpose for almost finished code. I see users copy code from branches so they have access to preliminary versions.


Closing this then.

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