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jseabold commented Jul 3, 2012

Uploading some to sourceforge now is taking a long time. Might want to see what we can do here.

|35 $ pwd
|36 $ du ./ -h
5.1M ./plots
340K ./_sources/dev/generated
400K ./_sources/dev
100K ./_sources/examples/generated
108K ./_sources/examples
5.3M ./_sources/generated
64K ./_sources/datasets/generated
80K ./_sources/datasets
6.1M ./_sources
1.6M ./_static
752K ./dev/generated
904K ./dev
468K ./examples/generated
484K ./examples
13M ./generated
124K ./datasets/generated
168K ./datasets
344K ./_modules/statsmodels/stats
248K ./_modules/statsmodels/discrete
312K ./_modules/statsmodels/sandbox/stats
24K ./_modules/statsmodels/sandbox/tools
232K ./_modules/statsmodels/sandbox/distributions
220K ./_modules/statsmodels/sandbox/regression
88K ./_modules/statsmodels/sandbox/tsa
980K ./_modules/statsmodels/sandbox
220K ./_modules/statsmodels/robust
184K ./_modules/statsmodels/genmod/families
312K ./_modules/statsmodels/genmod
124K ./_modules/statsmodels/nonparametric
200K ./_modules/statsmodels/base
280K ./_modules/statsmodels/graphics
224K ./_modules/statsmodels/iolib
128K ./_modules/statsmodels/tools
196K ./_modules/statsmodels/regression
40K ./_modules/statsmodels/tsa/interp
44K ./_modules/statsmodels/tsa/filters
132K ./_modules/statsmodels/tsa/kalmanf
392K ./_modules/statsmodels/tsa/vector_ar
1.4M ./_modules/statsmodels/tsa
72K ./_modules/statsmodels/miscmodels
4.7M ./_modules/statsmodels
4.7M ./_modules
400K ./_images/math
3.3M ./_images
36M ./


Are you using full upload or rsync or similar? Many things shouldn't really change.

But the file creation date will change at each new build of the docs. Then the only way to figure out what to upload would be by maintaining a hash list. no fun

jseabold commented Jul 3, 2012

Rsync will do incremental update. I was just doing a full upload of these 'by hand' with an sftp GUI since I had to delete a folder. It's really only for the two new examples to be there for people to look over during merge/review.


If it's only once in a while, then it might not be worth it to get very fancy.

Is there a way to upload or transport in compressed form. use zip and unzip or tell rsync to transport as gzipped directories ?

I used zip files a lot for uploading with painful course web servers, that allowed unzipping on the server.

jseabold commented Feb 7, 2014

Closing this since we've use rsync for quite some time now.

@jseabold jseabold closed this Feb 7, 2014
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