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DOC: documenting identical information across classes, methods and attributes #525

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a full class docstring with good overview information

class docstring that just points out the difference:

I think this is a good split overall

things to improve:

1) given that we don't have problems with docstrings in cached attributes anymore, we should add those.
I would prefer to have an indication that they use attribute access, without the misleading (). This should be indicated in the 1st line of the description (CA cached attribute or similar)

2) more explanatory information:
I was looking at this again during the recent rsquared definition discussion
Stata has a good FAQ pages about missing rsquared and how to calculate it and how (not) to interpret it, for example
As we clarify issues like these it would be useful to have a more extensive documentation, but not necessarily in the individual doc strings, for example just a link to another page for details (technical details that we have never written).

My target would be to have a more central location for a more extensive documentation of parts that are common to many models and results classes.

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