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#In rugby, a penalty or drop goal is worth 3 points, ("pd" in the code)
#an unconverted try is worth 5 points, ("ut" in the code)
#a converted try is worth 7 points. ("ct" in the code)
#Any rugby score is a composition of these elements.
#Let's set these up as the start of our validscores data frame.
validscores <-
rbind(cbind(sc = 0,pd = 0, ut = 0,ct = 0),
cbind(6,2,0,0), #note that we include 6 for convenience: it's the result of 2 penalties or drop goals
for(i in 8:150){ #cover plausible scores (highest score in pro rugby since 2012: NZ women 121 vs HK women 0)
compositions_for_i <- NULL #let's store the valid compositions for score i in this object
#the score of interest could only be obtained from by adding 3, 5 or 7 to a lower valid score
#if such previous scores exist, let's find them
which_was_prev_sc_after_pd <- which(i - validscores[,1] == 3)
which_was_prev_sc_after_ut <- which(i - validscores[,1] == 5)
which_was_prev_sc_after_ct <- which(i - validscores[,1] == 7)
#where the previous score exists:
if(length(which_was_prev_sc_after_pd)>0) {temp1 <- validscores[which_was_prev_sc_after_pd,]
temp1[,2] <- temp1[,2]+1 #let's copy the previous score's composition(s) and increment the appropriate score method
temp1[,1] <- i
compositions_for_i <- rbind(compositions_for_i,temp1)} #let's add this to the compositions df
if(length(which_was_prev_sc_after_ut)>0) {temp1 <- validscores[which_was_prev_sc_after_ut,]
temp1[,3] <- temp1[,3]+1
temp1[,1] <- i
compositions_for_i <- rbind(compositions_for_i,temp1)}
if(length(which_was_prev_sc_after_ct) > 0) {temp1 <- validscores[which_was_prev_sc_after_ct,]
temp1[,4] <- temp1[,4]+1
temp1[,1] <- i
compositions_for_i <- rbind(compositions_for_i,temp1)}
#sometimes we can end up with duplicates as order of scoring doesn't matter, so let's remove those
if(!is.null(compositions_for_i)) compositions_for_i <- distinct(compositions_for_i)
#we add these to our master validscores df and repeat for all scores, i
validscores <- rbind(validscores,compositions_for_i)
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