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jShiny server
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jShiny server

jShiny Server is an alternative shiny server. It's written in B4J
It's similar to the official open-source shiny server.


  • Available for Windows/Linux/Mac
  • Serve the static files to improve page load speed
  • Support to start new R instances for each user


  • Users need to use browsers with websocket support, no fallback to long polling. Tested with latest Firefox and Chrome.

  • All file format should be UTF-8(without BOM) unless stated otherwise

  • The server depends on the system time(timestamp). Adjust the time before the shiny server starts, change system time during the running period may cause unexpected results.

  • Linux file system is case-sensitive, Windows and Mac are not. It’s recommended to use lower-case file/folder names across platforms.

  • Shiny app (folder) names should not contain special strings b__ and _._, and should not start/end with spaces. Unicode characters should work, if it's supported by the OS and R programme

  • Quick start

  • Configuration

  • Logs

  • Production deployment and troubleshooting

  • Html pages and shiny app folder

  • Experimental features

  • Build from source


Download jShiny Server


Use the image in docker hub :

docker run -d -p 8888:8888 --name shinyserver statsplot/jshinyserver:latest  

Or clone/download this repo and then build the images with

git clone
cd jshinyserver/docker
docker build --tag {yourname}/jshinyserver .
docker run -d -p 8888:8888 --name shinyserver {yourname}/jshinyserver

And then visit for the list of Shiny apps.

Add your apps to the server with docker -v option. See also Html pages and shiny app folder,

docker run -d -p 8888:8888 --name shinyserver -v {/path/to/yourapps}:/opt/shiny/server/shinyapp {yourname}/jshinyserver
## update applist.html
docker exec shinyserver touch /opt/shiny/server/config/applist.update

See Deploy with docker in Production deployment and troubleshooting for more details.

Change logs


Free and open source AGPLv3

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