Low power board based on Arduino Pro Mini with in-built Sigfox network support
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Low power board based on Arduino Pro Mini with in-built Sigfox network support

Siguino Eagle schematics, libraries and Arduino code created by Scott Tattersall

Further project info and manufactured boards for purchase at https://siguino.com

Detailed Getting Started Guide: https://siguino.com/step-by-step-guide/

3rd Party libraries / resources used:


Software: (To install, go to url and "download zip", in Arduino IDE click Sketch->Include Library->Add zip and select downloaded zip file)

Getting started with Siguino guide (Sigfox and Wia): https://siguino.com/getting-started-with-siguino-and-wia-io/

Sample projects

Along with the sigfox_sensors project that sends all sensor information here is another simple example project:

  • Weather Station (arduino/weather_station) Follow the same above software section to install the approriate libraries first, then download the weather station code. The code can be flashed onto the Siguino via a standard FTDI breakout board (3.3v version only!), e.g. https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9873

The code: A simple weather station that sends avg temperature, light level, humidity and atmospheric pressure. If using Wia to process the data (see above getting started link), these can be easily graphed in Wia using a Wia Widget: https://developers.wia.io/docs/add-a-widget


alt text

Eagle libraries

In eagle, set the directories for libraries to add the libary files included here if not already included, e.g. $EAGLEDIR/lbr:{PROJECT-DIR}/Libraries/SparkFun-Eagle-Libraries-master:{PROJECT-DIR}/Libraries/WiSOL-master/Eagle_Library

Plus use the New Library -> execute script to add the components in script form from the scripts dir

Hardware Revision History:

Rev 0.1: First version, trimmed board

Rev 0.2:

  1. Add Reset Pin out as well as dtr for bootloading
  2. Change C8 10uf format to standard 0603
  3. Update routing to account for unsaved work
  4. Re-write/tidy arduino sketch
  5. Add de-coupling caps 10uf, 100nf to Accel chip VDD
  6. Connect INT1 pin on Accel to D3

Rev 0.3:

  1. Add Battery Holder
  2. Add Reverse polarity Protection
  3. Reposition Antenna

Rev 0.4:

  1. Replace Temperature chip
  2. Re-route temperature chip
  3. Add registration hole for battery holder
  4. Minor re-routing of vias under chips

Rev 0.5 / 1.0:

  1. Added Magnetometer
  2. Replaced temp chip with Temp & Pressure (Bosch BME 280)
  3. Re-routing for manufacturing

Licence & Contact

Siguino Hardware and Software licenced under GPLv3, any questions or issues please contact scott@dock.ie