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Status Ambassador Program

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Status Ambassador

Status ambassadors are a group of passionate people from all over the world who help grow the community, educate new members, and spread the words about Status.

As the Status ambassadors, we build, educate, promote, and contribute to the next generation of the Web together.


  • Funding
    Receive funding to host meetups, workshops, and projects

  • Access & Support
    Help from core contributors on the projects

  • Rewards
    Get some cool Status swag and earn SNT

  • Build theFuture
    Active contribution in building the next generation of the internet

Become an ambassador

Welcome Kit

  • Requirement
    Need to complete more than 3 tasks

  • Items Welcome letter, Status T-shirt, Status stickers, and some SNT and ETH

Task board

  • Wekan Task board

  • Working groups

    • Ambassadors are free to choose their own contributions but ambassadors can find some task examples as below.

    • Event

      • Host a meetup
      • Attend a Hackathon and build something with Status or Embark
      • Represent Status at an event or conference
      • Give a presentation at the biweekly Town Hall, or co-host
    • Content

      • Write a blog post
      • Translations
      • Design an infographic
      • Make a tutorial
      • Draft a blog post about one of the principles - decentralisation, privacy, etc
      • Write a “my vision for Status” story - a creative writing piece on how you think Status could change the world, and how you would like to see Status develop in the future.
      • Get Status in your local press - or tell us where you’d like to see us feature.
    • Community developemnt

      • Invite your friends to Status
      • Moderate Status channels
      • Answer a community questions on the forum (
    • Technical

      • Technical tutorial
      • Build a DApp with Embark
      • QA the app and create an issue on Github

Status Ambassadors

There are more than 30 Status ambassadors at the moment! You can find some of the ambassadors as below.

Enrico Del Fante










Nicolás V. Villarreal




Miguel Morales










Contact us

Build the official website(

git clone
npm install
npm start


yarn install
yarn run build

Add an ambassador

Add a new ambassador in ambassadors.json

        "id": 1,
        "name": "Jinho Jang",
        "photo": "jinho.jpg",
        "status": "",
        "twitter": ""

and add a profile photo here

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