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A repo for Dapp Discovery through Status
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WARNING: This repository is deprecated. See for current state.


A repo for Dapp Discovery through Status, and any other browser. Viewing curated information does not require any special tools, though effecting the way information is ranked will require a web3 wallet, whether that is Status, MetaMask, Trust, Brave or whichever one you prefer.

Available Scripts

This project is based on Embark v4.0.1, with a few things customised for React. Currently, you'll need to run the app and Embark separately, in different tabs in your terminal.

npm run build

Builds the app into the build directory.

Steps to run the app:

  • embark run testnet --noserver

    Will connect to the ropsten blockchain and IPFS through Infura

    Ropsten contracts:

    1. SNT - 0x2764b5da3696E3613Ef9864E9B4613f9fA478E75
    2. Discover - 0x9591a20b9B601651eDF1072A1Dda994C0B1a5bBf

    Manual needed steps: Once embark is running:

    1. In embarkjs.js (row 532) -> change to be this._ipfsConnection.version() This is needed because Infura's IPFS has deprecated id endpoint, but it was used in embark in order to check if the Infura IPFS API is active.. The workaround above do the same as the deprecated functionality.
    2. In embark.json -> Change the row where "generationDir": "src/embarkArtifacts" to be just "generationDir": "embarkArtifacts". In this way you should not do step 1 every time you performingembark run testnet
  • npm run start

    Runs the app in the development mode.
    Open http://localhost:3000 to view it in the browser. The page will reload if you make edits.
    You will also see any lint errors in the console.

    Important! If you get can't establish a connection to a node error, try to open http://localhost:3000 in chrome browser.

embark test

Will compile your contracts, with hot-reloading, and let you test them locally to your heart's content.

slither . --exclude naming-convention --filter-paths token

Make sure you get TrailofBits' latest static analysis tool, and do your own static analysis on the relevant contracts that will be deployed for Discover.

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