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Status ENS Usernames

DApp to register usernames for Status Network, using ENS subnodes as usernames and Public Resolver to configure public key and/or public address.

Stateofus.eth Terms of name registration

  • Funds are deposited for 1 year. Your SNT will be locked, but not spent.
  • After 1 year, the user can release the name for being registered again, and receive their deposit back.
  • Usernames are created as a subdomain of stateofus.eth ENS domain.
  • Usernames not allowed are less then 4 characters, or contained in this list (link to list), or starts with 0x and more then 12 characters.
  • Revealing a registered not allowed username will result in loss of deposit and removal of username.
  • Users are free to own the subdomains, but they are property of Status Network, and might be subject of new terms.
  • If terms of the contract change—e.g. Status Network makes contract upgrades—the user has the right to get their deposit back and release the username, or do nothing and keep using username as long new contract allows it.
  • User's handle (name) is always secret to network until user reveals it to someone.
  • User's address(es) when associated with a username will be publicly visible.

Usernames eliminates the need to copy/scan - and worse, type - long hexadecimal addresses / public keys, by providing an ENS subdomain registry and recognition of ENS names in Status for interacting with other people in Status.

Requires Usage:

nvm install v8.9.4
nvm use v8.9.4
npm install -g embark
git clone
cd ens-usernames
npm install
embark test
embark blockchain
embark run

Deployment Details

Contract Ropsten Address Mainnet Address
ens/ENSRegistry 0x112234455c3a32fd11230c42e7bccd4a84e02010 0x314159265dd8dbb310642f98f50c066173c1259b
ens/PublicResolver 0x29754bADB2640b98F6deF0f52D41418b0d2e0C51 0x5FfC014343cd971B7eb70732021E26C35B744cc4
token/TestToken 0xc55cF4B03948D7EBc8b9E8BAD92643703811d162 0x744d70fdbe2ba4cf95131626614a1763df805b9e
registry/UsernameRegistrar 0x028F3Df706c5295Ba283c326F4692c375D14cb68 0xDBf9038cf5Aaa030890790dB87E746E00Fc352b3
common/MerkleProof 0x5df00E70AD165D50228DB6d8285fB6EAAc630FD7 0x713ED9846463235df08D92B886938651105D3940
test/MerkleProofWrapper 0x58E01078d14142E0370526dFdAE44E4f508c844B 0x76E55E13C5891a90f7fCA2e1238a6B3463F564e2
common/SafeMath 0x0F9992f7737f9ba3aceD170D4D1259cb2CEcc050 0xA115a57952D3337e2a1aB3Cb82bA376EEcDDc469


DApp to register usernames for Status Network




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