The Status Meritocracy, a SNT Reward System
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Status Meritocracy

The Status Meritocracy allows Contributors to show their appreciation of other Contributors efforts in Status.


The Status Meritocracy is a SNT Reward System that allows a Contributor in the registry to award allocated SNT, along with praise, to other Contributors.

The DApp will also display a leaderboard of Contributors who have been awarded the most and have partcipated the most in the Meritocracy, along with their praise


  • Allow Contributors to build social capital, ideally in the form of Merit (degrades to popularity?)
  • Reward Contributors for impressing Contributors




  • can send SNT to the Meritocracy contract, which is allocated evenly over Contributors
  • can award allocated SNT to Contributors
  • can withdraw SNT awarded to them, only when they have awarded all their allocatable SNT (or it has been forfeited by Admins)



  • add/remove Contributors
  • set upper limit of Contributor registry
  • forfeit all Contributors allocatable SNT (but not awarded), can only be called once a week.



  • is Admin
  • can add/remove Admins,
  • can changeOwner
  • can change ERC20Token contract address
  • can recover funds