Implementation of Ethereum Sharded Casper v2.1 Beacon Chain
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arnetheduck and mratsim ssz: finish implementation (#42)
* ssz: finish implementation

* add object support, simplify implementation
* fix extra round of hashing in tree_hash_root

* ssz: cleanups

* work around Nim range bug for Uint24, cleanups
Latest commit 142aa8c Dec 17, 2018

Ethereum Beacon Chain

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An alternative implementation of the Ethereum beacon chain in Nim.

Please see Full Beacon chain specs and the Ethereum Foundation reference implementation.

You can check where the beacon chain fits in the Ethereum research ecosystem in the Status Athenaeum.

Test vectors

The Eth 2.0 test vectors and their generators are available in a dedicated repository.


Ethereum Foundation uses:

  • snake_case for fields and procedure names
  • MACRO_CASE for constants
  • PascalCase for types

Nim NEP-1 recommends:

  • camelCase for fields and procedure names
  • PascalCase for constants
  • PascalCase for types

To facilitate collaboration and comparison, Nim-beacon-chain uses the Ethereum Foundation convention.


You can install the developement version of the library through nimble with the following command

nimble install


Licensed and distributed under either of

at your option. This file may not be copied, modified, or distributed except according to those terms.