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# beacon_chain
# Copyright (c) 2018 Status Research & Development GmbH
# Licensed and distributed under either of
# * MIT license (license terms in the root directory or at
# * Apache v2 license (license terms in the root directory or at
# at your option. This file may not be copied, modified, or distributed except according to those terms.
options, milagro_crypto, sequtils,
../beacon_chain/[extras, ssz, state_transition],
../beacon_chain/spec/[beaconstate, crypto, datatypes, digest, helpers]
randaoRounds = 100
func makeValidatorPrivKey(i: int): ValidatorPrivKey =
var i = i + 1 # 0 does not work, as private key...
copyMem(result.x[0].addr, i.addr, min(sizeof(result.x), sizeof(i)))
func makeFakeHash*(i: int): Eth2Digest =
copyMem([0].addr, i.unsafeAddr, min(sizeof(, sizeof(i)))
func hackPrivKey(v: Validator): ValidatorPrivKey =
## Extract private key, per above hack
var i: int
min(sizeof(, sizeof(i)))
func hackReveal(v: Validator): Eth2Digest =
result = v.withdrawal_credentials
for i in 0..randaoRounds:
let tmp = repeat_hash(result, 1)
if tmp == v.randao_commitment:
result = tmp
raise newException(Exception, "can't find randao hack value")
func makeDeposit(i: int, flags: UpdateFlags): Deposit =
## Ugly hack for now: we stick the private key in withdrawal_credentials
## which means we can repro private key and randao reveal from this data,
## for testing :)
privkey = makeValidatorPrivKey(i)
pubkey = privkey.fromSigKey()
withdrawal_credentials = makeFakeHash(i)
randao_commitment = repeat_hash(withdrawal_credentials, randaoRounds)
let pop =
if skipValidation in flags:
let proof_of_possession_data = DepositInput(
pubkey: pubkey,
withdrawal_credentials: withdrawal_credentials,
randao_commitment: randao_commitment
privkey, hash_tree_root_final(proof_of_possession_data).data)
deposit_data: DepositData(
deposit_input: DepositInput(
pubkey: pubkey,
proof_of_possession: pop,
withdrawal_credentials: withdrawal_credentials,
randao_commitment: randao_commitment
func makeInitialDeposits*(
n = EPOCH_LENGTH, flags: UpdateFlags = {}): seq[Deposit] =
for i in 0..<
result.add makeDeposit(i + 1, flags)
func makeGenesisBlock*(state: BeaconState): BeaconBlock =
state_root: Eth2Digest(data: hash_tree_root(state))
func getNextBeaconProposerIndex*(state: BeaconState): Uint24 =
# TODO: This is a special version of get_beacon_proposer_index that takes into
# account the partial update done at the start of slot processing -
# see get_shard_committees_index
var next_state = state
next_state.slot += 1
get_beacon_proposer_index(next_state, next_state.slot)
proc addBlock*(
state: var BeaconState, previous_block_root: Eth2Digest,
body: BeaconBlockBody, flags: UpdateFlags = {}): BeaconBlock =
# Create and add a block to state - state will advance by one slot!
# This is the equivalent of running
# updateState(state, prev_block, makeBlock(...), {skipValidation})
# but avoids some slow block copies
state.slot += 1
let proposer_index = get_beacon_proposer_index(state, state.slot)
state.slot -= 1
# Index from the new state, but registry from the old state.. hmm...
proposer = state.validator_registry[proposer_index]
# In order to reuse the state transition function, we first create a dummy
# block that has some fields set, and use that to generate the state as it
# would look with the new block applied.
new_block = BeaconBlock(
slot: state.slot + 1,
parent_root: previous_block_root,
state_root: Eth2Digest(), # we need the new state first
randao_reveal: hackReveal(proposer),
eth1_data: Eth1Data(), # TODO
signature: ValidatorSig(), # we need the rest of the block first!
body: body
let block_ok = updateState(
state, previous_block_root, some(new_block), {skipValidation})
assert block_ok
# Ok, we have the new state as it would look with the block applied - now we
# can set the state root in order to be able to create a valid signature
new_block.state_root = Eth2Digest(data: hash_tree_root(state))
proposerPrivkey = hackPrivKey(proposer)
# Once we've collected all the state data, we sign the block data along with
# some book-keeping values
signed_data = ProposalSignedData(
slot: new_block.slot,
block_root: Eth2Digest(data: hash_tree_root(new_block))
proposal_hash = hash_tree_root(signed_data)
assert proposerPrivkey.fromSigKey() == proposer.pubkey,
"signature key should be derived from private key! - wrong privkey?"
if skipValidation notin flags:
# We have a signature - put it in the block and we should be done!
new_block.signature =
# TODO domain missing!
signMessage(proposerPrivkey, proposal_hash)
assert bls_verify(
proposal_hash, new_block.signature,
get_domain(state.fork_data, state.slot, DOMAIN_PROPOSAL)),
"we just signed this message - it should pass verification!"
proc makeBlock*(
state: BeaconState, previous_block_root: Eth2Digest,
body: BeaconBlockBody): BeaconBlock =
# Create a block for `state.slot + 1` - like a block proposer would do!
# It's a bit awkward - in order to produce a block for N+1, we need to
# calculate what the state will look like after that block has been applied,
# because the block includes the state root.
var next_state = state
addBlock(next_state, previous_block_root, body)
proc find_shard_committee(
sacs: openArray[ShardCommittee], validator_index: Uint24): ShardCommittee =
for sac in sacs:
if validator_index in sac.committee: return sac
doAssert false
proc makeAttestation*(
state: BeaconState, beacon_block_root: Eth2Digest,
validator_index: Uint24, flags: UpdateFlags = {}): Attestation =
sac = find_shard_committee(
get_shard_committees_at_slot(state, state.slot), validator_index)
validator = state.validator_registry[validator_index]
sac_index = sac.committee.find(validator_index)
data = AttestationData(
slot: state.slot,
shard: sac.shard,
beacon_block_root: beacon_block_root,
epoch_boundary_root: Eth2Digest(), # TODO
shard_block_root: Eth2Digest(), # TODO
latest_crosslink_root: Eth2Digest(), # TODO
justified_slot: state.justified_slot,
justified_block_root: get_block_root(state, state.justified_slot),
assert sac_index != -1, "find_shard_committe should guarantee this"
participation_bitfield = repeat(0'u8, ceil_div8(sac.committee.len))
bitSet(participation_bitfield, sac_index)
msg = hash_tree_root_final(data)
sig =
if skipValidation notin flags:
signMessage(hackPrivKey(validator), @( & @[0'u8])
data: data,
participation_bitfield: participation_bitfield,
aggregate_signature: sig