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Nimbus Launch

License: MIT License: Apache Stability: experimental

Jumpstart your Nim project at Status

Nimbus-launch creates a Nim project template with:

  • folders: src/tests/benchmarks/examples/docs
  • your license(s) of choice
  • a .gitignore
  • a .nimble file
  • Travis and Appveyor configuration
  • A README with
    • your continuous integration, license(s) and "stability: experimental" badges
    • An installation section with the nimble command
    • A license section with your license(s) of choice
  • A skeleton source file
  • A skeleton test file including importing the project and the unittest module


nimble install https://github.com/status-im/nimbus-launch@#master

How to use

nimbus_launch -p=projectName -g=githubName -n=nimbleName

For example

nimbus_launch -p=MyAwesomeProject -g=my-awesome-project -n=my_awesome_project


nimbus_launch --help
  nimbus_launch [required&optional-params]
  Options(opt-arg sep :|=|spc):
  -h, --help                                             write this help to stdout
  -p=, --projectName=    string         REQUIRED         set projectName
  -g=, --githubName=     string         REQUIRED         set githubName
  -n=, --nimbleName=     string         REQUIRED         set nimbleName
  -l=, --licenses=       Licenses       {MIT, Apachev2}  set licenses

By default:

  • licenses are MIT,Apachev2 and support MIT, Apachev2, GPLv2 and GPLv3 or any combination of those, separated by a comma and no space.

Travis and AppVeyor setup information

Both Travis and AppVeyor builds are set up in the following way:

  • Build https://github.com/status-im/Nim, and cache it
    • Should be rebuilt automatically whenever above repo changes
  • (Optional) Build any dependencies that are needed for the project
    • rocksdb - some distros come without snappy and other build options enabled
  • Build the project with nimble install -y
    • This ensures that installation works, including compiling the main binary
  • Run tests with nimble test
    • Some projects name the test task differently for legacy reasons

Other notes about travis and appveyor:

  • travis supports ccache, but this turned out to be less efficient than simply caching the whole Nim repo
  • Each project is set to build both branches and pull requests
  • Additionally, Travis projects are set to build daily, if no other builds have run
    • This helps catch downstream breakage, ie nimbus breacking because of changes in nim-eth-common - this is a bit of a hack

Nim version policy

We maintain a version of Nim that's "blessed" for status use in https://github.com/status-im/Nim. This allows us to stay independent of the day-to-day churn and regressions that happen on the Nim devel branch and at the same time leaves room for critical patches to be applied.

This forked version of Nim:

  • Typically tracks the latest officially released version of Nim
  • May in exceptional cases include addtional patches
  • Is used in all CI builds to provide a stable build environment
  • Is updated in a controlled manner such that all regressions are fixed fixed before pushing the update - in particular, active branches that the rest of the team are working on need to be considered as well


Licensed and distributed under either of

at your option. This file may not be copied, modified, or distributed except according to those terms.