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Current TODO items for 1.0 #177

coffeepots opened this Issue Nov 19, 2018 · 0 comments


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coffeepots commented Nov 19, 2018

Nimbus 1.0 TODO


Meta-issue of the currently known work remaining to reach 1.0.

Chain, State & VM

  • Missing functionality:
    • Fetch block bodys (See #126)
    • Fetch proofs
    • Fetch settings
  • Gas costs intricacies and estimation
  • Fork differences in VM & edge cases (particularly with Call & Create) (See #121 and #123)
  • Missing transaction pending pool
  • Transaction logging and retrieval
  • Mining
  • Filtering functionality for working with RPC filters
  • Journal DB integration in chain (handled in Call/Create, needs to be integrated for other VM components)

Networking, P2P & LES

  • Low number of blocks parsed before failure (block number 49,018)
  • RPC internal integration where appropriate & comprehensive test suite
  • Small additions to sync and LES
  • IP 6 support


  • Whisper
  • EVMC support (See #114)
  • Truffle support (See #103)
  • Sharable debugging and testing environment (See #172)
  • Block validation tool (See #171)
  • Fuzzy testing & Sanitisation (See #164)

Missing Important Functionality

  • DB_Chain:
    • Stub: getBlockBody
    • Stub: getBlockTransactionHashes
  • Chain:
    • processTransaction must run VM
  • VM_State_Transitions:
    • Stub: executeTransaction
    • Stub: addTransaction
  • Header:
    • generateHeaderFromParentHeader difficulty calculation & data
  • P2P:
    • Stub: handleLostPeer
    • Stub: Handshake response (mock peers)
  • LES
    • Announce must handle a new block
  • Eth_Common
    • Many stubbed procedures

TODO by unit

Client interface


  • Networking: IP6, multiple bind addresses
  • TODO mentions "No database support"? What about rocksdb? Or is this referencing journalling?
  • Use CLI/RPC when ready


  • Implement schema versioning

Chain & State


  • Journal DB integration
  • Stub: getBlockBody (reads block body from hash)
  • Stub: getBlockTransactionHashes (iterates over transaction hashes for specified block)
  • setAsCanonicalChainHead doesn't re-add transaction to internal pending pool if local sender


  • newAccountStateDB ignores the read only flag
  • AccountStateDB.rootHash= No way to set roothash


  • Support genesis blocks for KovanNet and MordenNet. CustomNet?


  • processTransaction needs to run the VM for a contract call, perhaps needs refactoring to use computation


  • duplication of computation processes, eg in execComputation, applyCreateTransaction, several comments for refactoring
  • Stub: executeTransaction
  • Stub: addTransaction


  • mutateStateDB:
    • Comments requesting better change handling
    • Access logs need updating


  • generateHeaderFromParentHeader:
    • Compute difficulty
    • Add extraData


  • Decompile needs some work, eg parameters aren't shown for all opcodes


  • getAccountsForDeletion has TODO comment though seems implemented
  • Stub: getLogEntries


  • gasCosts needs logging? Thought logging was implemented? This TODO might need removing.
  • prefix all_but_one_64th needs to be deactivated pre-EIP150
  • prefix gasCall:
    • Uncertainty over whether to implement costs for:
      • Both input and output (PyEvm)
      • Only largest (Parity)
      • Only one cost (Geth)
    • Pre-EIP158 question on zero value call costs
  • Stub: prefix gasSelfDestruct


  • Request for tests for CallDataCopy and CodeCopy
  • returnDataCopy uncertainty over checking length < 64
  • Create: Implement other fork changes for Homestead and forward
  • Call:
    • Stub for parameters c_isNewAccount, c_memOffset and c_memLength
    • ReturnDataSize, ReturnDataCopy not working in 32 bit
  • SelfDestruct: Implement other fork changes, particularly EIP150 and EIP161


  • Log storage


  • stub: intrinsicGas


  • modExp:
    • Not functional: Fails when base length > 32
    • Negative length not handled
  • bn256ecAdd, bn256ecMul, bn256ecPairing: Gas consumption



  • Pending tag -> for referencing pending blocks (pending pool is not implemented)

  • eth_syncing requires peer pool and further work

  • populateReceipt needs fleshing out to get contract address and respond to success/failure

  • Missing or incomplete implementations for VM:

    • eth_sendTransaction
    • eth_sendRawTransaction
    • eth_call
    • eth_accounts
    • eth_estimateGas
    • eth_gasPrice
  • Missing implementations for filters (filtering is not implemented):

    • eth_newFilter
    • eth_newBlockFilter
    • eth_newPendingTransactionFilter
    • eth_uninstallFilter
    • eth_getFilterChanges
    • eth_getFilterLogs
    • eth_getLogs
  • Missing implementations for invoking mining (see:

    • eth_mining
    • eth_hashrate
    • eth_gasPrice
    • eth_getWork
    • eth_submitWork
    • eth_submitHashrate


  • Whisper RPCs need implementing
    • shh_version
    • shh_post
    • shh_newIdentity
    • shh_hasIdentity
    • shh_newGroup
    • shh_addToGroup
    • shh_newFilter
    • shh_uninstallFilter
    • shh_getFilterChanges
    • shh_getMessages

RPC Debugging (needs new module) (See #113 and

  • Tracing:
    • First part of tracing is present in transaction_tracer.nim
  • Debug/trace RPCs (selection of these to be implemented)
    • getClientInfo
    • setChainParams
    • setHead
    • snapshot
    • addBlock
    • rewindToBlock
    • modifyTimestamp
    • increaseTime
    • mineBlocks
    • exportChain
    • importRawBlock


  • Update rest of signatures to match RPC and use eth_common types where possible.



  • testFixtureIndexes: Use caching db/transactions for call/subcalls. This might be automatically handled in mutateStateDB itself?


  • Current testing suite should only support Homestead (See #64)


  • write rejects invalid size Deactivated due to no POW support in stint, which should now be present
  • write rejects invalid position needs updating/uncommenting


  • Only add tested! Rest are TODO


  • Only checks Frontier, other forks need adding


  • Only checks eth_getBalance, implement tests for all RPCs.

External/Modules TODO



  • Stub: handleLostPeer


  • Stub: Handshake response


  • Stub: stopAllPeers

Light client


  • Announce: Stub: Handle new block


  • Stub: startReqCostVal

Eth Common


  • Stub: genesisHash
  • Stub: getBlockHeader (note getBlockHeader in db_chain.nim)
  • Stub: getBestBlockHeader
  • Stub: getSuccessorHeader
  • Stub: getBlockBody
  • Stub: getReceipt (note implemented getReceipts iterator in db_chain.nim)
  • Stub: getStateDb
  • Stub: getCodeByHash
  • Stub: getSetting
  • Stub: setSetting
  • Stub: getHeaderProof
  • Stub: getProof
  • Stub: getHelperTrieProof
  • Stub: getTransactionStatus (note implemented getBlockTransactions in db_chain.nim)
  • Stub: addTransactions (note implemented getBlockTransactions in db_chain.nim)
  • Stub: persistBlocks (note persistHeaderToDb in chain.nim)
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