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Status People-Ops

This repo hosts the code for both on the master branch (which builds and serves through gh-pages), and on the develop branch.

There is an edit button on each page, which will take you directly to the document you need to edit on the develop branch. We can then allow a large group of people to push directly to develop and show their changes on the staging site when asking for review, which should smooth out and speed up the process considerably for everyone. master is obviously protected, and will only have changes merged in from develop once accepted.

Adding a New Page

If you want to add a page, rather than just edit, you'll need to make sure it appears on the sidebar and is accessible to everyone.

  1. Add your page to source/docs/<your_file_here>.md
  2. In source/_data/sidebars.yml add the appropriate text to the appropriate place.
  3. In themes/navy/languages/en.yml edit the sidebars section to make sure that your new text in sidebars.yml is rendered correctly.

Testing locally

Make sure you have node.js installed first.

  1. Open Terminal and navigate to the project root directory,
  2. Run npm install,
  3. Run npm run build,
  4. Go to public/ directory,
  5. Start a simple HTTP server serving files, for example: python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000,
  6. Open http://localhost:8000 in a browser.
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