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[WIP/ PoC] Nimbus test #79

merged 1 commit into from Aug 1, 2019
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Just for now

@@ -13,6 +13,13 @@ build:
GOFLAGS=$(GOFLAGS) go build $(BUILD_FLAGS) -o ./bin/status-term-client .
.PHONY: build

# XXX: Multiple ldflags a bit brittle, keeping it simple by having separate build target for now.
# See
build-nimbus: GOFLAGS ?= "-mod=vendor"
GOFLAGS=$(GOFLAGS) go build -ldflags="-r /usr/local/lib" -tags nimbus -o ./bin/status-term-client .
.PHONY: build-nimbus

run: ARGS ?=
run: build
./bin/status-term-client $(ARGS) 2>/tmp/status-term-client.log
@@ -41,6 +41,52 @@ Currently the following commands are supported.

`/contact add <public-key> <name>`

# Packages

The main package contains the console user interface.

* `` contains the current messaging protocol payload encoders and decoders as well as some utilities like creating a Whisper topic for a public chat.

# (Very) Experimental Nimbus support

`status-console-client` supports very experimental Nimbus support for Whisper.

## How it works

1. Nimbus exposes a basic and very rough C API for Whisper polling, posting,
subscribing, and adding peers:

2. This C API is consumed as a standard shared library, ``.

3. [status-nim]( wraps this library to
expose a Go API. Currently, this "API" is more like a hacky spike. The goal is
for this to library to hide the integration details with Nim and provide a clean
Go interface for consumers.

## Building and running

The changes are isolated and won't impact `status-console-client` unless the
appropriate build instruction, flag and patch is provided.


If you have issues with `` (likely) you might want to copy it
into `/usr/local/lib` manually.

make build-nimbus
./bin/status-term-client -keyhex=0x9af3cdb76d76da2b36d2dcc082cb54ea672639331ef03b91a62ad6ef804b4896 -nimbus

Expected output:

[nim-status] posting ["~#c4",["Message:1000","text/plain","~:public-group-user-message",156393648280100,1563936482801,["^ ","~:chat-id","status-test-c","~:text","Message:1000"]]]

And a message being posted in `#status-test-c`.

# License

[Mozilla Public License 2.0](
1 go.mod
@@ -38,6 +38,7 @@ require ( v1.4.2 // indirect v0.29.0-beta.3 v0.0.0-20190624072549-28b2244fed6fef94d43f9c87be8f0b6cf54d7d20 v0.0.0-20190724023117-a5693e6e4820 v0.2.0 // indirect v0.22.0 // indirect v1.10.0
2 go.sum
@@ -518,6 +518,8 @@ v0.29.0-beta.3 h1:0MzV9p1r+CVxCBrg+OrGDQ8v/6p+k6C v0.29.0-beta.3/go.mod h1:8OHekmRoYTn9oZgMsBdhMEgeyfaQ4eI4ycOFHJCoX7M= v0.0.0-20190624072549-28b2244fed6fef94d43f9c87be8f0b6cf54d7d20 h1:MC6dXIfgnqEONfjIhBlMZ6H/nvqanWYeGxgG7YxZRz4= v0.0.0-20190624072549-28b2244fed6fef94d43f9c87be8f0b6cf54d7d20/go.mod h1:K1sZNTGahmrliIsVDTPrruKMZqbbqd8inbfbfh9Wmw4= v0.0.0-20190724023117-a5693e6e4820 h1:vcKYLWz2hFyYfsE5j2il+c3tellhOrkaGREaF6OCof4= v0.0.0-20190724023117-a5693e6e4820/go.mod h1:q3TkDSDrrHpM9QAH2jS0WOKrw0UzhZzCNO/zKd4fBrk= v1.4.14 h1:9VHqx4+PUYfhDnYYtDxHkg/3cfVvkHjPNciY4LO83yc= v1.4.14/go.mod h1:WS6z39YJQ8WJa9s+DmTuEM/s2nVF6Iz3B1SZYw5cYf0= v0.1.0/go.mod h1:HFkY916IF+rwdDfMAkV7OtwuqBVzrE8GR6GFx+wExME=
@@ -63,13 +63,19 @@ var (

// flags for external node
providerURI = fs.String("provider", "", "an URI pointing at a provider")

useNimbus = fs.Bool("nimbus", false, "use Nimbus node")

func main() {
if err := ff.Parse(fs, os.Args[1:]); err != nil {
exitErr(errors.Wrap(err, "failed to parse flags"))

if *useNimbus {

if *createKeyPair {
key, err := crypto.GenerateKey()
if err != nil {
@@ -0,0 +1,17 @@
// +build nimbus

package main

import (
statusnim ""

func init() {

func startNimbus() {
@@ -0,0 +1,7 @@
// +build !nimbus

package main

func startNimbus() {
panic("executable needs to be built with -tags nimbus")

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