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Sticker Market

Sticker Market Swarm Proposal

Summary and Goals

Stickers are a must-have for any messenger, particularly with Asian markets in mind.

The goal of the Status sticker market is two-fold:

  1. Allow users to buy and use stickers in chat using SNT.
  2. Allow creators to sell stickers permissionlessly through a curated marketplace, for SNT.

For the initial scope, the focus is on use case #1.

We can commission a set of stickers to populate the marketplace starting out.


  • Julien
  • Andrey
  • Nastya
  • Ricardo
  • Maciej

(+ Janitor swarm)


status channel: #313-sticker-market

sync schedule: biweekly sprint planning, ad hoc meetings as needed

Pivotal project:

Meeting notes:

Research notes:


Monday, 11/2

Friday, 1/2

  • First iteration of UI complete
  • Design issues identified by Maciej
  • Rachel talking with sticker illustrators
  • Ricardo making final changes to contract to:
  • Allow multiple categories per pack
  • Include a function to globally set a burn percentage. One more option: global fee to all packs, only controller can set it.
  • Add new contract state restricting all market functions to controller but “buyToken”


Timing: wrap on 28/12

References: LINE & Kakao are two of the best sticker markets. Looking at these two alone can give ample guidance on great sticker market UX. Telegram another worthy reference.

Initial stories to inform technical research:

  • As a user, I want to view and select stickers from my stickers within a chat.
  • I want to send and receive stickers in chat.
  • I want to buy new stickers via a marketplace accessible from chat.
  • As a creator, I want to push my stickers to the market without waiting for approval.
  • I want my stickers to be hosted in a decentralized way.
  • I want my stickers to be protected from free use/stealing.

Research questions:

  • What are the pros & cons of implementing as an extension vs. native feature?
  • Does one smart contract handle...?
    • Price setting
    • Payment from users
    • Payout to creators
  • Which audience are we designing these stickers for? How should character design be informed?
  • What's the cost to commission 1-3 initial sticker packs?
  • Sticker usage:
    • How many sets do people own on average?
    • How many do they use?
    • What makes certain characters popular?
    • etc.



21st January Update

  • Finalizing specs for registry contract
  • Basic UI POC

4th February Update

  • Finalized specs
  • Contract implemented and deployed on Ropsten
  • Awaiting audit info
  • First stage of MVP UI merged
  • In talks with sticker illustrators



Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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