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Help translate Status into your language!
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Translate Status into Your Language

All Contributors

Status is completely open source and made by contributors all over the world. Your translations can help more people utilize our secure, censorship-resistant service!

We use Lokalise to translate the Status app and website into multiple languages. Find the list of languages to translate here:

How to help translate?

  • Tutorial (Click the image below)

Video (47 seconds) :

  • Step 1 : Go to the translation landing page and click a link you would like to translate(e.g. Status app translation). You nedd to sign up for Lokalise to get your work started.

  • Step 2 : You will find a project that needs your help. Check out the progress and click 'WORDS TO DO (new words)` or 'UNVERIFIED (updated words)'.

  • Step 3 : Lokalise offers useful online translators (e.g. Google Translatetor) showing suggestions for each of the strings and safely protects variables or string interpolation components that should not be translated. Let's get it started!

Translation Guidelines

  • Translation
    All languages have a different word order and cutural background. Therefore, we encourage you to translate all the words and sentences into your language in comparison with the actual Status DApp and website. Also, you need to be careful when using the online translators that Lokalise offers. For example, Status itself is an English word so it sometimes recognize Status as the English word status . Please review all the translations carefully after you make some changes.

  • Review
    All the translations will be reviewed via dev links

  • Progress
    You can find the progresses on the translation campaign website. Your translation will be applied if it is completed more than 90%.

How can I add a Language?

Please submit a pull request in accordance with the format below.

  1. Add your language in langs.json (
  • Example:
        "id": 1,
        "lang_en": "Korean",
        "lang": "한국어",
        "code": "ko",
        "app": "",
        "website": ""
  • You can find a language code here.

  1. Submit your pull request here.


Enrico Del Fante










Ken Crypto Philippines


Jinho Jang






Nicolás V. Villarreal








Miguel Morales





git clone
yarn install
yarn run build
yarn run deploy


yarn install
yarn run start

CI (Jenkins)

Exctract messages

yarn extract:messages
yarn manage:translations

Learn more at
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