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Feature Branch Code Reviews

Put your face on the Trello card in the top of the "Next Up" column that represents a feature. Move the card to the "In Progress" column.

Make a branch to work in:

git checkout --branch my-feature-branch

Code the feature and commit it to version control:

git add --all
git commit --verbose

Push the feature to a branch:

git push

Open a pull request.

A GitHub webhook starts a CI build. Another GitHub webhook posts the pull request to a team Slack channel. Move the Trello card to the "Code Review" column.

A teammate clicks the link in the Slack channel. The teammate comments in-line on the code, offers feedback, and approves it.

Make the suggested changes. Commit the changes:

git add --all
git commit --amend

Merge into master:

git checkout master
git merge my-feature-branch

Push to master:

git push master

Deploy to staging.

Move the Trello card to the "Testing on Staging" column. Write acceptance criteria on the card. Ask a product owner for acceptance.


Test-Driven Development moves code failure earlier in the development process. It's better to have a failing test on a development machine than in production. It also allows the developer to have tighter feedback cycles.

Code reviews right before code goes into master offer similar benefits:

  • The whole team learns about new code as it is written.
  • Mistakes are caught earlier.
  • Coding standards are more likely to be established, discussed, and followed.
  • Feedback from this style of code review is far more likely to be applied.
  • No one forgets context ("Why did we write this?") since it's fresh in the author's mind.