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A simple comments plugin for vuepress

English | 中文

Refer to utterances implemented by @Timi-design/vuepress-plugin-comments, also supports Beaudar

ps: The level is limited, there may be some bugs that cannot be solved, use it with caution~~

ps: Beaudar can be regarded as the Chinese version of Utterances


With npm:

npm install --save @saintic/vuepress-plugin-utterances

With yarn:

yarn add @saintic/vuepress-plugin-utterances -D

With cnpm:

cnpm i --save @saintic/vuepress-plugin-utterances



  • As plugin: @saintic/vuepress-plugin-utterances

  • As component: Comments (theme development using <- I did not test)


Please learn about Utterances, a GitHub issue based review system.

Option name Required Utterances configuration Default value
repo yes GitHub Repository \
theme no Theme value github-light
issueTerm no Blog Post ↔️ Issue Mapping pathname
defaultShowComment no Show comments by default true
service no Service provider: utterances/beaudar utterances

Page frontmatter

showComment {Boolean}: A single post page display comments

  • If the defaultShowComment is true (i.e. the default), all article details pages will display comments by default.

    Set this showComment to false to turn off comments on an article.

  • If the defaultShowComment is false, all article details pages will not be displayed by default.

    Set this showComment to true, you can open comments on an article separately.

PS: by the way, comments are not allowed on the index page(/).


Please refer to how vuexpress uses plugins first

  • Babel Style

    module.exports = {
      plugins: [
            repo: 'staugur/',
            theme: 'github-light',
            issueTerm: 'pathname'
  • Object Style

    module.exports = {
      plugins: {
        '@saintic/utterances': {
          repo: 'staugur/',
          defaultShowComment: false

Demo site