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Web grep: search all rendered resources used by a URI
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Web grep: search all rendered resources used by a URI


This node command-line utility uses a headless browser (Puppeteer) to render a webpage and download all resources it may need. These resources including the original HTML are all saved locally which it searches one-by-one for a text string.

Code Example

$ wgrep domain
Calling for "domain" at "" with user "undefined"
Downloading ""
seems ok
Finding "domain"
  * output/index.html


This project was created to aid in the scraping of web pages. I could see some text on the screen and I wanted to know what file that text came from, perhaps from some XHR resource downloaded with JavaScript.


$ git clone
$ cd wgrep
$ npm install -g
added 5 packages from 3 contributors and audited 55 packages in 1.06s
found 0 vulnerabilities


Apache 2.0

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