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    Personal collection of themes and scripts for i3wm.


  • You like CLI tools too much
  • You like simple and minimalistic desktop themes
  • You always wanted to use i3wm but can't figure it out on your own
  • You want to change themes on the go
  • i3wm is awesome

What you will need

Using the script

    Clone this repository and install the requirements for the script. For Debian users, check the "Debian" section below.
    git clone
    cd i3wm-themer/
    sudo pip install -r requirements.txt

    Install all the requirements from the 'What you will need' section. Either manually or use one of the scripts created for some distros:

    # For Arch, ArchLabs or Manjaro Linux
    # For Debian
    # For Ubuntu

    If you are not on one of the above, install them using your Package manager.

    Make sure you have the requirements mentioned earlier installed. Edit the config.yaml file and add your full path of i3wm config, polybar config and .Xresources files. In the end it should look something like this:

    i3-config: /home/[USER]/.i3/config
    polybar-config: /home/[USER]/.config/polybar/config
    xresources: /home/[USER]/.Xresources

    Where [USER] is your $USER.

    Copy the script in the scripts folder to your polybar directory:

    cp -r scripts/* /home/$USER/.config/polybar/

    Backup your files:

    mkdir ~/Backups
    python3 --config config.yaml --backup /home/[USER]/Backups

    This step will copy the files that you set in the config.yaml for safekeeping in case things go wrong.

    Install the config files located in the defaults/ directory (not 100% required but I suggest you do so just to be sure).

    python3 --config config.yaml --install defaults/

    In case you get lost $mod+Return will open a new terminal, $mode+d will launch Rofi. (For the rest of the shortcuts just take a look on the config file for i3, and change them to your needs.)

    Now you are basically ready to go. Pick a theme you like from the collection and load it:

    python3 --config config.yaml --load themes/[theme_id].json

    (Where [theme_id] is the name of the theme you want to try!)


    Now every time you want to change a theme you can just run the command above with the theme you like and apply it instantly.

    You can always use the --help on the script to check the given options.


    I am not responsible for any harm done to your PC by anything in the repository. Use everything with caution!

Available Themes



    This whole project wouldn't be possible without the creators of all those awesome tools: i3wm, i3-gaps, polybar and everyone who worked on those projects.

Advice for Debian and Fedora users

Since this project is focused on Arch-based distros it may behave unexpectedly in other distributions. For that matter we have a fork that is exclusively focused on Debian and Fedora with minor changes. Feel free to check it out!

i3 themer for Debian