A lightweight, mobile-ready, data-driven, modular grid widget designed for use with the Dojo object store
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This project provides widgets for lists of data, including simple sets of scrolling rows, grids of data, on-demand lazy-loaded data, and various plugins for additional functionality. This project also provides touch scrolling for mobile devices with native style momentum, bouncing, and scrollbars.

The dgrid project is available under the same dual BSD/AFLv2 license as the Dojo Toolkit.


Automatic Download with CPM

dgrid can be installed via CPM using the following command:

cpm install dgrid

The above command will automatically find the highest tagged version of dgrid and install it. Alternatively, the latest development version of dgrid can be installed by instructing CPM to install from the master branch:

cpm install dgrid master

Note that while dgrid lists the dojo package as a dependency, it does not install dijit, as it is not a hard requirement. Dijit can be additionally installed by running:

cpm install dijit

Manual Download

Alternatively, dgrid and its dependencies can be downloaded individually:

  • xstyle
  • put-selector
  • The Dojo Toolkit SDK version 1.7 or higher
    • Out of the DTK components, Dojo core is the only hard dependency for dgrid; however, some of the test pages also use components from Dijit, and Dojox (namely grid for a comparison test, and mobile for a mobile page).

It is recommended to arrange all dependencies as siblings, resulting in a directory structure like the following:

  • dgrid
  • dijit (optional, dependency of some dgrid tests)
  • dojo
  • dojox (optional, dependency of some dgrid tests)
  • put-selector
  • xstyle
  • util (optional, e.g. if pursuing a custom build)

dgrid works best with the latest revision of Dojo 1.7 or higher. As of this writing, Dojo 1.8.1 is recommended.

Note that while dgrid supports Dojo 1.8 and may take advantage of features or fix issues specific to it where possible, it does not have any hard dependency on APIs new to 1.8, so as to maintain compatibility with 1.7.


Documentation for dgrid components is available in the dgrid GitHub project wiki. The wiki's content may still be obtained for offline reading by cloning the wiki repository, as indicated under the "Git Access" tab.

In addition to the documentation on the wiki, if upgrading from a previous dgrid release, please be sure to read the changelog, found in CHANGES.md.