A Silly 2D RPG Made for a Game Design Class
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Text My Topping

Text my topping is a game where your worst enemy has stolen your cell phone just as you were about to text your best friend your favorite pizza topping. Oh no! Teach your enemy who's boss by becoming the master butterfly catcher and saving the city of Cleveland from impending doom!


  • A fully featured dialog system using inheritance and linked lists
  • Graphics optimization by not drawing stuff that appears off screen
  • The ability to text pizza toppings
  • A file loading system in which levels are loaded via csv files.
  • An axe of wind that can cut down windy trees, but not regular ones.
  • The ability to become a master butterfly catcher and rule over the land of butterflies.
  • A tile-based movement system
  • A scrolling camera

In all seriousness, this is just game for a game design class, and is meant as such. It served to demonstrate our skills and abilities of creating a 2d top-down RPG with basic features in a minimal time period. Thanks for looking!