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@stax76 stax76 released this May 29, 2021

  • window-scale 1 does not work correctly in mpv,
    so I've removed support for it and added my own implementation:
    script-message window-scale.
  • The CS-Script library was replaced with my own C# scripting implementation.
  • If a player window border is near to a screen border and the window size
    changes, the player windows sticks to that near screen border location.
    Furthermore, the remember-window-position option remembers a near screen
    border position instead of remembering the window center position.
  • Multi monitor fix using different DPI values.
  • start-size option has new options, see config editor and manual.
  • Improved script-message cycle-audio OSD info.
  • The logic for finding the config directory has changed, see manual.
  • The dotnet script and extension host was a little redesigned, this breaks
    backward compatibility unfortunately, but I can help to fix existing
    open source code. Example scripts and extensions were updated.
  • Fix console not working due to incorrect mpv.conf value generated
  • Settings are stored in the file settings.xml now instead of the Registry.
  • Video rotation support added.
  • After using the config editor it's no longer necessary to restart
  • Improved input editor theming.
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@stax76 stax76 released this May 11, 2020

  • fix learn window of input editor (much work)
  • fix black one pixel bar on right side
  • fix beep sound when closed from taskbar
  • media key issue finally fixed
  • libmpv and youtube-dl update
  • fix crash caused by powershell 5.1 not being installed
  • log error fix
  • the release script now also outputs x86 beta versions so x86 users can test betas
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@stax76 stax76 released this May 6, 2020

  • log error fix
  • workaround to support AviSynth portable (ffmpeg blocks loading AviSynth from path env var)
  • attempt to fix not reproducible volume input issue
  • attempt to fix exception caused by powershell being not available on Win 7
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@stax76 stax76 released this May 4, 2020

  • youtube-dl update
  • auto update routine fix
  • extensions no longer need to end with *Extension.dll but rather
    the file name and the directory name must be identical
  • text encoding exception fix
  • the PowerShell script host is more feature complete, easier to use
    and more efficient, there were however many PowerShell and C# breaking
    changes required to make the core more robust and efficient
  • Python 2 script host removed, Python 3 support is planned for summer
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@stax76 stax76 released this Nov 17, 2019

  • new: forecolors in the dark theme are slightly darker now

  • new: readme/website and manual were improved

  • new: source code includes now the release script to build the archives and setup files

  • new: the history feature now uses the full path

  • new: install via Scoop and Chocolatey added to readme/website (Restia666Ashdoll)

  • new: update check, it must be enabled first in the conf editor under General

  • new: update feature, requires PowerShell 5 and curl,
    an up to date Windows 10 system has both included.
    Main menu (input.conf) must be reset or updated manually (defaults)

  • update: libmpv shinchiro 2019-11-10

  • fix: often the OSC was shown when fullscreen was entered
    or on app startup, this is now suppressed

  • fix: the file association routine uses no longer 'Play with' for the
    default open verb caption because it doesn't support multi selection,
    it shows now only Open, the manual explains how to get multi selection
    in File Explorer, read about it here

  • fix: x86 builds had an older version included because
    of a misconfiguration in the solution file

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@stax76 stax76 released this Nov 1, 2019

  • new: the color themes can now be customized (manual)

  • new: three new sections were added to the manual:
    1. Color Theme
    2. Hidden and secret features
    3. External Tools

  • fix: window restore from maximized and from minimized was broken

  • fix: it's possible to multi select files in File Explorer and press
    enter to open the files, this did however only work when the
    auto load folder feature was disabled or the shift key was
    pressed (blocks auto load folder). Now it should also work
    without shift key and with auto load folder being enabled

  • update: libmpv shinchiro 2019-10-27

  • update: youtube-dl 2019-10-31

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@stax76 stax76 released this Oct 13, 2019

  • new: the scripting wiki page was improved

  • new: Toggle Shuffle has been added to the menu defaults

  • new: for URLs the media title is shown in the title bar and in the info command
    instead of displaying the URL, mpv.conf defaults were changed to use
    [protocol.https] osd-playing-msg = '${media-title}'

  • fix: on the very first start volume was set to 0 and mute was set to yes

  • fix: there was a sound when closed from taskbar

  • fix: the log feature was not working

  • fix: clipboard monitoring removed because it was causing to many issues

  • fix: restore resulted in collapsed window when maximized = yes was used

  • update: libmpv shinchiro 2019-10-06

  • update: youtube-dl 2019-10-01

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@stax76 stax76 released this Sep 5, 2019

  • added taskbar-progress implementation
  • added new setting to start with maximized window
  • long file paths work now even if not enabled by the OS
  • fixed history being written even when history file wasn't created prior
  • libmpv updated to shinchiro 2019-08-31
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