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Silverlight Testing Automation Tool
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What Is StatLight?

StatLight is a tool developed for automating the setup, execution, and gathering results of Silverlight unit tests. StatLight helps to speed up the feedback cycles while practicing TDD/BDD/(insert your test style here) during Silverlight development.

Project Resource Links and Information

Where do I get the most current release?

How to build?

StatLight build infrastructure is put together with a number of psake tasks.

  1. Make sure the location you extract the project is not too far from your drives root as it runs into some msbuild max file path issues.
  2. Execute the build of choice. Release build ----- You can either execute - build-Full-Release.bat (compile the solution, runs test suite, creates package release) or - build-Full-Release-skip-tests.bat (compile the solution, creates package release) then - you should find the build artifacts in the .\Release folder. Debug build ----- execute the build-Debug.bat file and you can check out the artifacts placed in .\src\build...

Build NOTE: The unit/integration tests throw up quite a few assertion dialogs, and message boxes (Don't close them yourself, unless it hangs for more than 15 seconds). They should close automatically during the build.


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