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StaxRip is a powerful video/audio encoding GUI for Windows.
It executes and controls console apps such as x265, mkvmerge, ffmpeg, etc. and uses scripting based frame servers, AviSynth+ and VapourSynth, for video processing.

StaxRip is no One-Click Encoder!
StaxRip is capable of performing a wide variety of jobs for video/audio processing. To unleash its full power, users are required to know what they want to achieve and how to set up StaxRip to meet their needs. If you are a first-time user, it is especially strongly recommended that you learn the basics referring to the documents and do some tests to understand how StaxRip works and what you can achieve with it. However, StaxRip also provides an 'Assistant' feature that will guide you through your jobs step by step so that you can start more easily and prevent mistakes.

There are a lot of resources in StaxRip-related communities. Users are strongly encouraged to visit those communities for help and more information.


You can find plenty of information and instructions on Wiki.


Bug Reports / Feature Requests

  • Please try the latest Release Version first. Usually you will find that many outstanding bugs are already fixed in the latest release versions.
  • You can also have a look at the Changelog to see if there is an entry already made for the bug/feature request you are experiencing/desiring.
  • If the latest release version does not resolve your problem, please use the Issue Tracker. You need to be as precise as possible using the Issue Tracker template when opening a thread in it.




Main Window

Code Editor

Event Command Editor

x265 Options

NVEnc Options